Can OnlyFans performers get a mortgage?

Applying for a mortgage shouldn’t be difficult, it should be straightforward.

Yet there are streams of income that always need to be explained when applying for one. We are in an age where there’s plenty of potential revenue streams that could help towards that deposit for a first-time buyer.

Whilst this article focuses on OnlyFans creators, the advice is the same for all online creators: whether you earn a living from other sites such as JustForFans, Patreon, Ko-Fi or Twitch.

This is a site that has enabled creators to earn a living, from buying the weekly shop to buying a house. It has gained a reputation for offering adult entertainment at a price, but it can be so much more than that. It offers a direct way to interact with fans and post content in a straight-forward method.

Despite the prominence of the platform, some lenders may shy away from this type of income and feel that it’s not a stable method to pay towards a mortgage. However, this is where we are able to advise on how to put it towards your first house.

When self-employed, it’s strongly advised to have all forms of income to a business account. It makes the accountant’s life easier when the tax return is due, and yours once the mortgage application process begins.

It can take up to two years to prove to a lender that it’s a sustainable income stream. Otherwise it can be classed as a taxable income that’s only a supplement to your overall earnings.

Even if you’re thinking of creating an account now, have a plan in place.

Have a savings account, and aim for a goal with OnlyFans involved.

After two years if it’s viable and there’s enough for a deposit, it’s time for the mortgage application.

Some may be worried on how long a mortgage application can take, but the primary thought should be how much income you can bring in from OnlyFans to afford the monthly mortgage amount.

When you earn any amount on OnlyFans, the company will take out 20% of the total for that month, and you then have three options to withdraw it into your bank account. After 3-5 days, it shows up in your account. These can then be shown to the lender as proof that it is sustainable income, and it can be a significant factor in having the mortgage application approved.

If you need more guidance on this, we can help. Having an income from platforms such as OnlyFans does present challenges, however we have helped a number of both parttime and fulltime performers secure their dream home.

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